Frequently Asked Questions


This is general information about our tours, you should refer to the itinerary for your specific tour for more information.

What information do I need to give to Adventure Tours before I travel?

Please provide us with the following information by phone on 1300 654 604, or by email at

  • any special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, allergies etc). For more detail, see Dietary Requirements
  • for tours requiring a sleeping bag: will you bring your own sleeping bag, or would you like to pre-purchase one from us for $30? We cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a sleeping bag on the day of your tour if you have not let us know in advance. For more detail, see Sleeping Bags
  • Your preferred pick up location, if you do not want to be picked up from the Default pick up place. For more detail, see Pick up Locations

Dietary requirements

If you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please let us know well in advance so we can cater for you. Special requests will not be able to catered for if we are informed less than 2 days prior to the tour starting. We are able to cater for vegetarian, gluten free, and lactose free diets, and for most food allergies. We cater for vegan diets on some select tours - passengers with strict dietary requirements are required to assist with cooking of their meals on these select tours. Please contact our Reservations team in advance to discuss your dietary needs if you are vegan. We do not offer any guarantee of vegan-friendly cooking utensils/equipment that have not previously been used for cooking animal products. If you have complex food needs, we recommend that you bring some of your own snacks and other specific foods to fit your needs.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are required for Unleashed and Explorer style tours with camping nights. You can bring your own with you, or you can pre-purchase one from us for $30 and pick it up on the morning of your tour. We cannot guarantee that we can provide a sleeping bag on the day of your tour if you have not informed us in advance that you require one.

Please note that on tours operated by Nullabor Traveller (tour codes PE6, PA9, and PAP10), sleeping bags are NOT available to hire or purchase. You must bring your own.

Pick up locations

All of our tours have a default pick up point. If you have not provided an alternative pick up location to us, we will assume you will be waiting at the default pick up point for your tour. These default pick up points can be found on your itinerary/travel document, or on the Adventure Tours webpage for your specific tour.

In most locations that our tours depart from, we offer pick ups from a range of different accommodations around the town or city centre. If you let us know in advance, we are usually able to pick you up from your accommodation. If you have forgotten to tell us where you are staying, you will need to make your way to the default pick up place.

Tours departing from Ayers Rock: you will need to provide us with your incoming flight details so that we can advise you where and when to meet your tour.

Do I need to reconfirm my tour?

You will not need to reconfirm your tour directly with us, but please make sure you have provided all the information we need at least a few days before you depart. (What information do I need to give to Adventure Tours before I travel?)

What to bring

Each tour requires all the basics you would typically bring on any trip e.g. toiletries, towels, camera and extra money for optional snacks and activities. Due to the nature of our tours we recommend bringing sturdy walking shoes (preferably ankle high), swimming gear, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, torch, insect repellent, fly net to cover your head if you are bothered by flies (outback tours particularly) and motion sickness tablets (recommended on NZ and boat tours).

On our Unleashed and Explorer tours with camping nights, you will be required to bring a pillow and sleeping bag (sleeping bag can be purchased for AUD $30 from us prior to departure if you don't have your own). Sleeping bags/pillows are not necessary for fully accommodated tours eg those in Tasmania, between Adelaide<>Melbourne, and the East Coast. Please note that on tours operated by Nullabor Traveller (tour codes PSOW3, PE6, PA9, and PAP10), sleeping bags are NOT available to hire or purchase - you must bring your own.

Clothing requirements vary dependent on location and seasonality. See 'What's the climate like?' for more detail.

How much luggage can I bring?

Our vehicles have limited space so please keep your luggage to a MAXIMUM OF 15 KGS (except KAKADU tours which are MAXIMUM 10KGS) in a backpack or soft overnight bag with a small day pack for easy access to camera, sun block etc. It is recommended to plan ahead and arrange to store bulky items at pre-tour accommodation. This is relevant also, when travelling on packages which include Kakadu, as all tours start from and return to Darwin. Any package touring totally within the Northern Territory which includes the Red Centre will start from and return to Alice Springs. It may be necessary to freight excess luggage at passenger's expense.

Please note that East Coast Sydney<>Cairns tours (PSC14/PCS14) have a 20kg luggage limit.

Do I have to participate?

Part of the enjoyment of our tours is bonding with a group of likeminded adventurers, so we make them active and hands on. With the exception of our Safari tours, passengers are expected to help prepare food, wash dishes and generally assist the guide as directed.

You should refer to the itinerary for your specific tour for more information.

How fit do I have to be?

Our tours are active and require a reasonable level of fitness. Please refer to our fitness guide. If you enjoy hiking through gorges, swimming in waterfalls and directly experiencing the environment, then our tours are perfect for you. If you have any doubts about your suitability for our tours, please check with our Reservations Department before making a booking. We reserve the right to assess your ability to participate at check-in.

What do I eat?

Our emphasis is on fresh food wherever possible and our meals are nutritious and varied. If you are vegetarian or gluten intolerant we can cater for you, but if you have very specific dietary needs you may need to provide your own food, so please discuss this at time of booking. For breakfast we supply cereals, toast, tea and coffee. Lunch is usually a self-serve sandwich and salads; in the evening we have a cooked dinner. Some tours, such as Safari tours, have a focus on 'bush tucker', giving you the chance to experience this uniquely Australian cuisine (refer to your itinerary for details). We always carry water in the vehicle and you will often have the chance to buy your own drinks, ice-creams etc at stops.

How much water do I need to drink?

Doctors advise that 2-3 litres (10-12 glasses) of water per day is essential when travelling in Australia. All our vehicles carry adequate water supplies. Weather conditions in summer can be very warm - hiking requires an intake of 1.5 litres of water per hour. Our guides are trained professionals and it is very important that their advice is adhered to.

What type of accommodation will I get?

Depending on the tour/s you've booked, you could use a range of accommodation styles from basic bush camping, dorm, hostel and shared backpacker facilities to farm stays, hotels, and even sailboats. We also have our own campsites, with great facilities, which we use whenever possible. For specific information relating to your tour, visit our accommodation page.

What vehicles do you have?

Please see the vehicle symbol on your chosen tour page to determine what vehicle you are likely to be travelling in. Our vehicle types include a 21 and a 24 seater mini-bus, as well as 4WD trucks which seat between 16 and 27 passengers. Please note that vehicle types are an indication only and some tours may use a combination of vehicles types. Vehicle types are subject to change at any time, and tour partner vehicle types may vary from what is displayed. For specific information relating to your tour, visit the vehicle page.

What's the climate like?

Australia is a large country with weather conditions varying considerably from one region to another. Generally, you can expect high temperatures in the summer (Dec-Feb), often extending into autumn, with lower temperatures at night and during winter (Jun-Aug), particularly in southern Australia where conditions can change quickly. The top half of Australia, particularly the Northern Territory, is known for its 'wet' (Oct-Mar) and 'dry' (Apr-Sept) seasons. New Zealand has a sub-tropical to temperate climate but be prepared for lower temperatures during winter (Jun-Aug) and we recommend you bring a good wind and/or waterproof jacket, as well as warm clothing, year-round. Further weather information can be found at: (AUS), (NZ).

What are the age limits on tours?

With the exception of the East Coast Sydney<>Cairns tours (which are 18-39 years only), all of our tours are open aged. There is no maximum age limit, and travelers on tour may have a wide range of ages. Children may travel on the following tours:

Explorer and Safari tours: minimum age 7 years

All tours in Western Australia/Kimberley: minimum age 12 years  

NT Unleashed tours are not recommended for travellers under 18 years.

Can I smoke and drink on the vehicle?

No. Australian government regulations prohibit smoking and the drinking of alcohol inside tourist vehicles in Australia (smoking and drinking should be limited to stops along the route).