Our Tour Guides


Adventure Tours guides are not your average tour guide!

Our guides are not only a source of valuable information about the geology, botany and Aboriginal culture of their region, but they are also the mechanic, the cook and the entertainer.

Our Tour Guides 

Adventure Tours Australia guides are not your average tour guide! They are not only a source of valuable information about the geology, botany and Aboriginal culture of their region, but they are also the mechanic, the cook and the entertainer.

All guides complete our comprehensive in-house training program, which incorporates food preparation skills, mechanical and driver training, customer relations, a St John's First Aid Course and an accredited certificate from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). This ensures that our guides are professional and in possession of vast and accurate information and skills to conduct a quality, safe and fun tour! Few companies can boast such an intensive and complete training program.


Training outstanding guides

A good tour guide can make or break your holiday, which is why Adventure Tours Australia makes sure our guides are not just good, but exceptional.

Not only are our guides fun, driven and passionate people who love sharing their favourite Australian spots with travellers like you every day, they are skilled cooks, entertainers and drivers and possess a wealth of knowledge to provide insightful commentary about the geology, history and culture of their region.

Before they take their first tour on the road, Adventure Tours guides must complete a thorough in-house training programme, giving them the ability to conduct a quality, safe and fun tour and ensuring our travellers always experience the best of what Australia has to offer.

The comprehensive 16 day guide training programme features theoretical and practical on the road training. This covers first aid, bushcraft, geology, botany, history, cooking, food handling and catering skills, and knowledge of national parks and Aboriginal culture. They are also skilled on leadership, communication, group dynamics, presentation delivery and research skills.

As part of their qualification, guides undertake a St John's First Aid certification and an accredited certificate from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), covering Aboriginal culture and regional geology, and also complete the highly regarded Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Tour Guide Accreditation through Charles Darwin University.

"Few companies can match the intensive and complete training program we offer", David Thompson, Group Sales Manager said.

"As Adventure Tours takes travellers to some of the most beautiful but isolated destinations in Australia and New Zealand, it's essential that our guides have all the skills to deal with anything that comes up, whether it's a query about the landscape or local culture to a serious emergency. The safety and well being of our passengers is taken very seriously and something we pride ourselves on as a company."

"Not only are our guides hand picked for their skills and talent, but for their fantastic people skills. They know how to ensure everyone has fun on their tour and gets to know their fellow passengers. In the end, it's all about improving the passenger experience".

After the guides have completed the comprehensive training programme, they then undertake an on the road traineeship with a senior guide. During this time they further develop their skills, knowledge and confidence as an assistant guide on up to five tours, enabling them to hit the ground running when it comes time to conducting their first solo tour.

Due to the outstanding talent of our thoroughly trained guides, they are more than often the first to be highlighted by happy Adventure Tours passengers in our online tour reviews.

Here are just a few mentions you can read from happy passengers, or jump on one of our tours and see for yourself how our guides can make your adventure exceptional.

"Tour guides Nathan (Kakadu) & Duffy (Alice - Adelaide) made every day better than the last. Friendly, helpful and they gave that little bit extra to make it unforgettable."

"Matt is an excellent guide. He is knowledgeable, patient, funny and a great singer and cook."

"Our field guide (Luke) totally made our trip with his knowledge of the culture, the geology and the history of the area."

"Went with my parents and sister on the 3 Day Uluru Safari and we all had a wonderful time, the guide had a lot of knowledge and obviously loved her job."

"Duffy's organisation was exemplary. He had games, quizzes, 'getting to know you' introductions, drawing competitions etc perfectly timed during the long bus trips. All supplies for such activities seamlessly appeared from his box of tricks as if by magic. His routines for cooking, cleaning and packing up camp were organised with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of fun."

"Our guide knew how to 'read' the group extremely well. He knew how to get the shy to speak up, how to reach out to those who were struggling and how to have a good laugh with the more gregarious of the group. He made you feel part of a team."

"Our guide's strict adherence to occupational health and safety concerns gave me the utmost confidence in both him and your organization. He made sure people were drinking enough water and paying attention to their surroundings in a fun and informative way."

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