Accessing ATA Tour Feeds

Access to our tour feeds is controlled for security and server performance reasons.

Therefore, you need to be registered to access ATA tour feeds.


To register, please contact us and provide us with the following data:

  1. Company/agent name.
  2. Contact email.
  3. Maximal two static server IP addresses:
    1. A primary IP (this is the IP of the server where your feed parser application is running)
    2. (optional) A secondary IP for development server.
  4. A description of the content you wish to feed in. This will helps us to choose the right feed subscription for you.
  5. You will also need to agree to our terms and conditions.

Note: Your developer team can help you find out the right ip address.


ATA will check your request and decide whether to approve or not. We will provide you with the following information:

  1. an api key
  2. a subscription ID
  3. feed link examples

Once you have received the credetentials you are ready to go.

General Feed Specifications1)

  • XML 1.0, utf-8
  • using nested elements: yes
  • using attributes: yes
  • using #cdata: no
    Some fields may contain escaped html code. These fields are marked by the attribute html="true"
  • Cached: yes.
    Expiring time: this differs from subscription to subscription. Please see comment section in the actual xml file.


<!-- xml created:15/08/2011-13:30:34 CST, xml expires: 16/08/2011-13:30:34 CST -->

Feed Structure

The ATA tour feed is usually split up in two segments1):

  1. Tour listing feed, containing all published tours (English)
  2. Single tour feeds, providing detailed data for a single tour

The listing feed provides a feed_id for accessing single tour feeds. The listing feed also contains some useful basic data for filtering or building menus without the need to go through all single feeds.

The listing feed gives an overview of all existing tours and provides some basic data (for menus and filtering) a feed_id.

Using the feed_id to access single tour feeds

The feed_id is defined as both an element and an attribute in both feed types.


<node feed_id="10">
One you have
the feed_id, you are able to construct a link to a valid single tour feed:{your-subscription-ID}/{your-api_key}/{feed_id}