Working Holiday Visa

Australian Working Holiday Visa 

With a Working Holiday Visa you can call Australia home for a year and experience living, working and playing in a different culture to your own.

The Australian Government offers 12 month long Working Holiday Visa's for 18 to 30 year olds from a number of countries worldwide. The visa allows you to work in temporary employment for up to six months with any one employer, in an industry of your choice.

Where do I begin?

Australia's prosperous economy and dramatic landscapes from farmland, mountains, desert and rainforests to large metropolitan cities and wine growing regions, mean you will be spoilt for choice in the quest to find an interesting new job abroad.

Below is some basic information regarding applying for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa and starting your job hunt in Australia.

What are the eligibility requirements for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa?

If you are granted a Working Holiday Visa you can:

How do I go about finding a job?

Job hunting is always easier once you have arrived in the country, but it doesn't mean you can't start by doing some quality research and making contacts before you arrive.

Research companies you would like to work for, contact local recruitment agents and keep an eye on popular job seeking and backpacker websites like and

Once you have arrived in Australia you can also look for work on hostel and backpacker job boards, go door knocking at local businesses and check the employment section of local newspapers.

There are so many places to choose from, what city or state would suit me best?

Most international visitors enter Australia via the large centres of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but don't be afraid to venture off and explore other cities and towns to call home on your big year off.

What next?

Thinking a year down under is for you? Start the process now by finding out more about Australian Working Holiday visa eligibility and requirements on the official Australian immigration site.