Adventure Tours Experiences

  • Coast and Beaches

    Coast and Beaches Golden sands, crystal clear waters, never-ending skies … Aussie beaches are famous the world over. No wonder, with almost 10 700 beaches (or more than 11 500 if you count our islands) taking up about 47 000km of our glorious coastline. From the happy bustle of metropolitan beaches to the isolated...
    Coast and Beaches
  • Glaciers

    Glaciers New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most stunning glacial experiences most of which are part of a broader area listed as a UNESCO World Heritage area. Large masses of snow, ice and rock accumulate into great quantities to form these awe inspiring feats of nature.
  • Indigenous Culture

    Indigenous Culture Australia’s rich Indigenous culture offers a unique insight into this wide brown land. Adventure Tours works closely with Indigenous communities to develop ethical and authentic experiences that benefit the communities and passengers alike. Experience an exclusive welcome ceremony performed by...
    Indigenous Culture
  • National Parks

    National Parks Over 28 million hectares of land are encompassed as national parkland within Australia, in NZ it is more than 30,000 kilometres. Notional Parks serve as a treasure of flora and fauna within changing landscapes from coastlines, deserts, alpine regions and the outback.
    National Parks
  • Outback

    Outback The Outback is steeped in Aboriginal history, the ancient landscape part of the myths and legends known as the Dreamtime. From seemingly endless red desert to cooling pools, towering rock formations to night skies that burst with stars, there’s a whole new world to discover. Experience the grandeur...
  • Volcanoes

    Volcanoes Volcanoes are paired with the ultimate in adventure. Go on a hike over varied volcanic terrain with magnificent views.
  • Wildlife

    Wildlife From saltwater crocodiles in the Top End to the Tasmanian Devil in our southern-most state, Australia is known for its unique mammals, birds and reptiles. In national parks and wildlife centres, you can pat a kangaroo, cuddle a koala, feed a wallaby or observe a potteroo. Experience our marine...
  • World Heritage Sites

    World Heritage Sites There are multiple World Heritage listed sites across Australia and New Zealand. These sites form part of our the culture and heritage that the World Heritage Committee consider as having outstanding universal value.
    World Heritage Sites