The Great Aussie Summer


Forget everything you thought you knew about summer – here in Australia, we like to dial it up to the extreme. And by that we mean the beaches are better, the sky is bluer and the sun shines brighter. It's a fact – The Great Australian Summer is something that everyone should experience.

It's the time when everything this big island is famous for comes to life; birds and wildlife are out lapping up the sunshine, people are packing their eskies with crisp, cold beers on their way to devour fresh seafood at a mate's BBQ, and Mother Nature is looking her very best as she bakes her dusty red land beneath the sun like she was catching a tan at the beach.

Sounds pretty irresistible, right?

2 Day Adelaide to Melbourne Explorer

2 Day Melbourne to Adelaide Explorer

11 Day Melbourne to Alice Springs Explorer

17 Day Melbourne to Darwin Explorer

5 Day Melbourne to Adelaide Explorer including Kangaroo Island

5 Day Adelaide to Melbourne Explorer including Kangaroo Island

Plus, if you’re looking to experience even more of this epic summer, why not check out our range of adventures that span every corner of the country? There's the awesome West Coast beaches, the Top End waterfalls and the history of the sacred Red Centre. So whether you’re looking for an awesome overland adventure, or you just want a day trip to get you out of the city, we’ve got the perfect Australian adventure for you!