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With a history spanning back some 40,000 years, Australia's Aboriginal people have one of the world's oldest living cultures – and an appreciation of their traditions is central to understanding Australian culture as a whole.

That's why from the very beginning, an unwavering respect for Aboriginal people and their heritage has been at the heart of everything we do.

We work in partnership with Aboriginal communities on many of our trips in the Northern Territory as a way to educate our travellers about the land and what it means to its original custodians. Their guidance allows many of our tours to visit sites of cultural significance and to do so with the respect each site deserves. Back in 1998, we were the first tour operator to advise its travellers against climbing Uluru due to its sacred importance to the local Aboriginal community.

Working with Aboriginal communities also gives our passengers a great deal of insight into the local culture, and many of our Red Centre and Top End tours include interpretative cultural experiences as part of the itinerary.

In the Red Centre our partnership with the local Anangu community supports Uluru Aboriginal Tours, a social enterprise operated by senior Anangu elders to keep alive their culture and support the local community. And in the Top End our visit to Wulna country includes the Pudakul cultural experience: a locally owned project that seeks to preserve the region's ancient traditions and customs.

We feel extremely privileged to be working with these communities and supporting such worthwhile initiatives, which gives our visitors an enhanced experience of the many cultural riches of Australia. 

Look out for these logos below on our trip pages to see if an indigenous cultural activity is included. Or see a list of our trips here.