Inspire Me – Work in Australia!

Adventure Tours Australia: Inspire Me – Work in Australia!

Why not come down under for a good time as well as long time!

With a Working Holiday Visa you can call Australia home for a year and experience living, working and playing in a different culture to your own.

Being able to take off your tourist hat and experience the Australian way of life is an opportunity of a lifetime. Take a break from what you know, spend your weekends at the beach, meet new mates for life and grow to love vegemite on your toast every morning.

The Australian Government offers 12 month long Working Holiday Visa’s for 18 to 30 year olds from a number of countries worldwide. The visa allows you to work in temporary employment for up to six months with any one employer, in an industry of your choice.

Australia’s prosperous economy and dramatic landscapes from farmland, mountains, desert and rainforests to large metropolitan cities and wine growing regions, mean you will be spoilt for choice in the quest to find an interesting new job abroad!

Where do I begin?

Below is some basic information regarding applying for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa and starting your job hunt in Australia.

What are the eligibility requirements for a 12 month Working Holiday Visa?

  • You must hold a Passport issued by an eligible country
  • You must be aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive) at the time of applying

If you are granted a Working Holiday Visa you can:

  • Enter Australia at any time within 12 months of the visa grant date
  • Stay for up to 12 months in Australia
  • Leave and re–enter Australia any number of times in the 12 months from the date of first entry
  • Undertake temporary employment in Australia for up to six months with any one employer
  • Study for up to 4 months.

How do I go about finding a job?

Job hunting is always easier once you have arrived in the country, but it doesn’t mean you can’t start by doing some quality research and making contacts before you arrive.

Research companies you would like to work for, contact local recruitment agents and keep an eye on popular job seeking and backpacker websites like and

Once you have arrived in Australia you can also look for work on hostel and backpacker job boards, go door knocking at local businesses and check the employment section of local newspapers.

There are so many places to choose from, what city or state would suit me best?

Most international visitors enter Australia via the large centres of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but don’t be afraid to venture off and explore other cities and towns to call home on your big year off!

Here is a rough guide to what kind of work is on offer in the different regions of Australia. If you are looking for a professional role in Australia, it is important that you thoroughly research your industry first.

Australian Capital Territory:

Canberra is Australia’s political centre. If government and politics is an area of interest you can search for work in your field here, and keep your eyes peeled for Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the same time!

New South Wales:

Sydney and Newcastle are the two thriving cities in this state along with the ever popular beach destination of Byron Bay. Find a professional job in Sydney (including media, finance and law), become a nanny for a busy city family, work in a trendy bar or find work in a Byron Bay surf shop!

Northern Territory:

The vast landscape of the Northern Territory ensures flocks of tourists year round. Find work at a tourist desk, backpacker hostel or in a traveller’s pub. Also check out fruit picking roles both in NT and country wide at If office/professional work is more you thing head to the capital city of Darwin to begin your search.


Tourism abounds in the Sunshine State. Become an interpreter for fellow travellers at a tourist info point, find hospitality work in a Gold Coast hotel or Port Douglas Resort (Far North Queensland), or expand your career in a professional or trade role in Brisbane city. With the high sunshine hours and ripe land combined, fruit pickers are often in high demand. Mining roles also abound in the far north town of Mt Isa.

South Australia:

South Australia’s many wine regions attract wine lovers from near and far, which also means seasonal grape pickers are often sought after. The capital city of Adelaide offers the opportunity for professional, retail, trade and healthcare roles combined with a relaxed city lifestyle.


Australia’s biggest little island is an agricultural hotspot and the place to head for farm hand work as well as roles in the local tourism industry. Check out the fruitpicking scene also!


Melbourne is a cultural capital of Australia. Baristas, fashionistas, musicians and artists will find themselves at home here. Find work in museums, art gallery’s, funky cafés and boutique clothing stores amongst office and professional jobs. Fruit pickers are always wanted here too!

Western Australia:

The oil and mining industry is strong here with the growing capital city of Perth offering many trade and office roles. The beautiful Margaret River wine region is also a great place to visit as well as job hunt, boasting a booming wine and tourism trade, grape picking anyone?

What next?

Thinking a year down under is for you? Start the process now by finding out more about Australian Working Holiday visa eligibility and requirements on the official Australian immigration site.

We hope to see you in Australia soon!