ATA Darwin operations resume after cyclone



Adventure Tours Australia's tours departing Darwin will begin resuming today, following Cyclone Carlos passing through this morning.

As the cyclone approached Darwin yesterday, ATA suspended its tours ex-Darwin to ensure the safety of passengers and staff.

Normal services resume today, with the next scheduled multi-day Adventure Tour leaving tomorrow and one-day tours scheduled for Monday.

Darwin Business Manager Scott Russell says ATA's first concern was passenger safety: "We're pleased to say that the cyclone passed through Darwin this morning without any harm to Adventure Tours Australia passengers or infrastructure."

Affected passengers were loaded onto other services to get them to safer areas and have been offered replacement dates/tours. For those affected who can't be accommodated on other tours, ATA will consider refunds.

For more information, please contact the customer service centre on 1300 654 604 (Australia), or +618 8132 8230 (International).