ATA Operations - Christchurch Earthquake



Adventure Tours in New Zealand continue to operate as normal with the exception of not overnighting in Christchurch.

More specifically, Adventure Tours buses travelling up from Naesby will overnight in Rangitata before Christchurch. They will pick up and drop off and the Antarctic Centre at 10 am. The South Bound buses will spend a night in Kaikoura before picking up and dropping off at the Antarctic Centre. Pick up and drop off days stay the same as normal - the pick up time is an hour later than usual.

Passengers starting in Auckland will be totally unaffected. At the moment you should assume that there is no accommodation in Christchurch - so if possible people who are planning to start or finish their travels in Christchurch should change their entry point to Auckland.

If you have any concerns, or require further information, please call +64 (0) 9 526 2149 to speak to our New Zealand customer service team.