Meet our 2010 Tasmanian Tour Guide of the Year


Our 2010 Tasmanian Tour Guide of the Year is a real wombat - at least, he’s known as ‘wombat’ for his cuddly demeanour and heart of gold. Gareth ‘Gaz’ Gerrand joined ATA nine years ago, spending winter as a guide in warmer regions but returns to Tassie every summer.

“I’m sure all the managers who have had Gaz work for them will agree that he is one of the most loyal, passionate and enthusiastic guides we have come across and a true team player, always willing to lend a hand to us operations folk or his fellow tour guides,” says Tracey Diddams, Business Manager, Tasmania.  “He’s respected by all who meet him; I have yet to hear of anyone who does not like Gaz (and who doesn’t like a wombat?).”

While the competition for the title was indeed tough, Gaz won for going the extra mile - he lovingly made and gift wrapped shortbread for all of the guides and his passengers for Christmas.

“He is a true legend, a phenomenal ambassador for ATA, Tasmania and this country. He possesses the qualities that a true tour guide of the year should possess.”

Well done Gaz!