Further update on Watarrka National Park region


That latest from Kings Canyon is that the rangers have re-opened the creek walk at Kings Canyon which is great news for Adventure Tours' passengers. At this stage the rim walk is remaining closed due to the extreme temperatures. The good news is this means all tours from today will get to visit and complete a walk at Kings Canyon. Initial reports are that a large part of Watarrka National Park has been burnt but the area in and around the Canyon where travellers visit has thankfully been spared.

Adventure Tours Australia's camp site and infrastructure has received some fire damage but was mostly protected by the positioning of the camp in a fairly protected cliff-side location. We are lucky that the damage was restricted to just one camp so once we have permission from the authorities that we can return safely to the area and perform a clean-up operation; we will be able to use all of our other camps without disruption to our touring.

Meanwhile, we do have a 2nd camping area at the Kings Canyon Resort so again as soon as permission is granted to return to the area, we will use this large and well serviced camp for our groups travelling to the area (we hope as early as next week). In the meantime groups will continue to stay 2 nights at our Yulara camp but will now visit Kings Canyon for the creek walk instead of the alternative activities in the Western MacDonnell Ranges which we have been providing in the interim. Passengers on the 3 and 4 day Red Centre tours will now be seeing all of the highlight sights as per itinerary.