Adventure Tours Australia is the brand for travelling Australia the fun way. Take one comfy 4WD or minibus, a knowledgeable guide, a bunch of fellow adventurers packed in alongside, tents, swags and a few picnic lunches… and you’re all set for the Outback. We like to think of the whole outfit as the classic Aussie road trip – just where someone else does the driving for you.

Our trips come in two styles – Basix and Original – for different levels of accommodation. At sites of historical importance, cultural significance or exceptional biodiversity, we employ local guides who offer expert insights into things. Our working partnerships with the various First Nations communities we visit go way back, continuing to inform our understandings of the land and one of the world’s longest surviving cultures. In 1998 we were the first tour company to advise travellers against climbing Uluru, and this year we’re running trips with the Olkola people into their recently reacquired lands around Cape York.