Adventure Tours is the leading small group tour operator in Australia. We’re a bunch of Aussies that have been leading travellers through this big ol’ continent over the past 25 years.

Informative and immersive, our tours are for those looking to develop a true-blue understanding of Australia’s inner-workings – and have a great time while at it. We take one comfy, air-con equipped 4WD or minibus, load it up with a knowledgeable guide, a bunch of fellow adventurers, tents, swags and some packed picnics, then head out into the wilds. The whole outfit is far more your classic Aussie road trip than it is a standard charter bus tour – just with someone looking after the driving and navigating for you.

Why travel with Adventure Tours Australia?

Passionate & Experienced Guides

Our guides are enthusiastic and informed, and they get a real kick out of sharing what they know and love about their country. They’ve all received comprehensive training in First Aid, driving, time management, communication, sustainability practices, local history and geology, ecology, botany, and bushcraft, as well as connections to culture and First Nations people. With their expertise, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the region’s finest offerings with a personal touch. 

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Authentic Australian Experiences

Embarking on an Adventure Tours Australia journey isn’t just about ticking off bucket-list destinations; it’s about the authentic experiences that create life-long memories. Our passionate Aussie guides will lead you off the beaten path to discover the untamed corners of Australia. Pioneering isn’t just a term for us; it’s our heritage. We were the first trailblazers of small-group outback touring in the early 90’s. It’s that same spirit that drives us today to offer genuine adventures.

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Supporting First Nations Communities

The close working partnerships we’ve established with First Nations communities including the Anangu and Butchulla Peoples continue to inform our understanding of the land. Our role is integral, as we respectfully introduce visitors to First Nations cultures and customs through a range of interactive experiences, to inspire an appreciation for country, and one of the world’s oldest living cultures.

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We are committed to forging a path towards sustainability. We’ve enhanced our camps for greater energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction. Our educational initiatives promote respect for local cultures and environments, encouraging participants to minimise their impact. Additionally, we partner with Local and First Nations communities, supporting local projects and social enterprises. 

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Exclusive Accommodation

From remote working cattle stations to well-appointed wilderness lodges and desert campsites, the accommodation we use is all part of the ATA experience. Some of it may be a tad rustic, but we believe evenings by a campfire and nights in a canvas tent or swag under the stars are the best ways to meet the Outback.

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Unbeatable Value

We’re not about cutting corners, just costs. We deliver a bounty of Australian adventures without the hefty price tag, blending memorable experiences, the best destinations, exclusive camps, and custom-built vehicles with the expertise of our passionate guides. So pack your spirit of adventure and spend smart, because with Adventure Tours, your money doesn’t just talk; it travels.

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