To those who haven’t crossed it, the Nullarbor is often thought of as ‘the Nullar-boring’ – a 1,600-kilometre stretch of highway devoid of anything and everything interesting. Among those who have, the verdict’s usually a little different.

The road spanning the world’s largest expanse of limestone bedrock is long on bitumen and short on big name features – that there can be no denying. But to slate the Nullarbor as boring is to overlook its attraction. Two straight days of driving through a landscape of little change makes for surreal travel. As horizons warp and perspectives alter, questions present themselves. How did Indigenous Australia survive out here? How can the ground above Australia’s largest underwater lake be so arid? Whatever became of the Nullarbor Nymph? Much more than ‘a bloody long drive’, crossing the Nullarbor has become a rite of passage for travellers wanting to fathom Australia’s sheer vastness.

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Fun facts about Australia's southern coast:

The empty road on the Nullarbor Plain, Australia

Nullarbor means 'no trees', which explains the lack of greenery along the 1,200 kilometre road.

Hairy nosed wombat

Along with over 100,000 wild camels, this part of the world is also home to one of the largest populations of hairy-nosed wombats in Australia.

Coffin Bay Oyster, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Coffin Bay, just west of Port Lincoln, is famous for its oysters. Molluscs from the Eyre Peninsula often grow to almost one kilogram in size.

Southern Right Whale, Nullarbor Plain, South Australia

Travelling in May to October? Visitors to the Eyre Peninsula should keep their eyes peeled for migrations of Southern Right Whales along the coast.

Tips for travelling on Australia's southern coast:

  • Timezones can be a little bit haywire across the southern coast of Australia. Adelaide works on Central Standard Time, Perth has Western Standard Time (which is an hour and a half behind) and then there's Nowhere Standard Time, which applies to towns on the SA/WA border. Throw daylight savings times into the mix and you're got an extra hour of confusion (but is that earlier or later?).

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