If it’s a taste of ‘true blue Orrstraya’ you’re after, it’s ‘The Territory’ you head to.

Dusty, desolate expanses of desert. Waterways churning with crocs. Short shorts, wide-brimmed hats, toothy grins, a propensity for understatement and a larrikin streak – this is the Australia made known to millions by the likes of Crocodile Dundee, Malcolm Douglas and Steve Irwin. 

Thing is, once you’ve subtracted the shrill cries of ‘Streuth!’ and ‘Crikey!’ (people don’t actually says this), how these characters have portrayed life up Territory way actually isn’t too far off the mark. The distances here really are that vast (most towns are hundreds of kilometres apart, some cattle stations outsize European countries). Wildlife’s everywhere (crocs appear in backyard swimming pools, green tree frogs love living in toilets). Outside of Darwin – and very often in it – everyday attire consists of shorts, a singlet, and thongs (or flip-flops, for out-of-towners). Hats with hanging corks to keep away the flies: optional.

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